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Below are pictures of Annie's relatives!

Annie's Sire and Dam

Annie's Mom:
Ch. Lucidity's Attitude Dancing (Spice)
Annie's Dad:
Ch. Onsage Devil His Due (Oreo)

Annie's Littermates

Lucidity's Shelly Bean

Other Relatives

Annie's Grandmother:
Ch. Silent Lucidity (Nutmeg)
Annie's Aunt, Spice's full sister:
Ch. Lyric Of Lucidity (Lyric)

Annie's half sister:
Ch. Lucidity Takn The Early Bird (Logan)
Annie's half sister: (Logan's Littermate)
Ch. Cinnakerry's All Fired Up.

Spice's Half Brother, Nutmeg's son:
Lucidity's Painted From Memory (Castle)

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